Monday, January 16, 2006

Ba Mee Look Chin

For today's extended meal I made Ba Mee Look Chin
(Ramen & Meatball).

On the left is a plate of cut up bok choy and pork balls.
Two stems of bok choy is about 30 calories, boiled, while
six pork balls is about 90 calories. The fresh noodles
was about 300 or so calories.

Of course you can't have Ba Mee Look Chin without garlic
oil. At two tablespoons it's about 240 calories, although
you can probably cut it down to one. And by garlic oil I
mean fried chopped garlic in oil.

I normally have my big bowl full of the stuff, but this time
I'm being good. With the noodles, bok choi and pork balls
(or beef balls or fish balls), add fish sauce (about 3-4
good shots), sugar (1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons) and some chili
garlic sauce in vinegar. Plus cilantro and green onions
(which I forgot to get). The total calorie count comes
around 800, give or take.

Given the current state of my metabolism, this bowl can
last me throughout the day. I need to eat to stave off
hunger, but not so much that I fall asleep.


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