Monday, June 18, 2007

Faux Fo

It's been a little over a year since
my last post. Since then I've made
several Thai comfort dishes that I've
almost always have to consume myself,
since the Boy doesn't eat Thai, *sniff*.

Last Friday Adam (the Boy) and I stopped
at one of the two local Vietnamese-Asian
grocery stores in our area. They had
pak boong! That's water morning glory
or convulus for those of you not familiar
with Thai vegetables. Last I heard this
plant was under restriction for fear of
becoming introduced into the canals of
South Florida.

Whatever its status in the States, this
store had it. I bought two bags with
making yen ta fo in mind.

Being too lazy to drive all over Miami
to procure the necessary ingredients,
I decided to do a faux fo. I've always
wondered just how bare basics can you
get with this dish. I'd say you need
the soup, definitely the vegetation,
and perhaps the noodles.

There's something satisfying about a
bowl (or two) of yen ta fo. It's that
infamous red soup that really makes it
what it is. Without it it's just some
other noodle dish.

But I digress... So I've made myself
four bowls of faux fo - just pak boong,
two packs of Mama brand vermicelli, and
tomato paste-colored broth. It was good!